Estate Jewelry FAQ


Purchasing Estate Jewelry can be daunting to say the least. In an effort to ease some of this difficulty we have added some good things to know.

Q: What is "Estate" Jewelry?

A:Estate jewelry is simply previously owned jewelry. Under this umbrella falls Vintage Jewelry (jewelry that is from a certain design style or period of time in history) and Contemporary Jewelry (jewelry with a modern design).

Q: Why Should I Consider Buying Estate Jewelry?

A:The person who purchases Estate Jewelry is either:

  • Choosing something different than what they are able to find in modern jewelry Looking for a bargain (since Estate Jewelry is second-hand jewelry there are often bargains to be found) Desires a higher quality than the average found when shopping for new jewelry.
  • Appreciator of fine jewelry and/or collector of period jewelry.
  • Someone who is simply intrigued with owning a bit of history, a classic, beautiful, unique, one of a kind piece of Estate Jewelry!